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Maybe Marriage Isn’t For You

I found this article online. Actually someone posted it on Facebook. I assumed that it would be from a Progressive angle saying that marriage was old fashion, etc…

Instead I was reminded of why I got married.

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Relationship Advice for Married Women

Are you quietly struggling in your marriage?  Do you feel like your husband just doesn’t love you anymore?   It seems like no matter how hard you try, nothing’s working.  You can’t find a way to connect with him.

If you’re like most wives, you probably do NOT worry so much about whether you’ll stay married to your husband or eventually get divorced.  Instead, you care more about

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What You Call Him, He Will Become

What You Call Your Spouse, They Will Become


Years ago, there was a therapist I worked with named Susan. Susan told me she went to a seminar that a friend of ours named Steve was giving.

Since she thought she may want to do similar seminars in the future about marriage, she wanted to see

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Does Your Man Truly Value You?

Understanding the Secret of Scarcity

One of the great lessons of love is known as “the scarcity factor.” Plain and simple: people tend to want

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Why Relationships are Difficult

A large part of my practice is made up of people interested in relationship advice. Not really by design (I started out working with teenagers), it just sort of worked out that way. Most often when someone comes in they want to know

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He Never Knew What CommitMEANT

Why do men struggle with commitment?

This question about the tendency in men to find it hard to commit seems to surface over and over again from women all around the world. If I could identify in a few simple strokes of the keyboard on a page of my site the answer to this question, I would be

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Divorce Recovery

If there was one part of my job that I could do without, it is watching couples spiral down the path to divorce. While most couples I see don’t end up getting a divorce, there is that small percentage who are so filled with resentment that either one, or in some instances both of them, has already decided the marriage is over.

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Pre-Marriage Counseling: Why Would You Bother?

I had a friend who was getting married to her long-time partner. They had lived together for a number of years and owned property together. It seemed that marriage would simply perfect what they had – make it permanent.

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What Not To Do If Your Partner Leaves You and You Want Another Chance

As a therapist, I regularly counsel women who are suffering from a broken heart. They tearfully tell me how much they want to save their relationship and yet their their fear often causes

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Is Marriage for White People Only?

When I first saw this article it obviously seemed racist but after reading it there appears to be some truth to it. If you want to know why I do this for a living, this article is a good starting place. How can people just give up so quickly and

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