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3 Things Men Cannot Resist in a Woman

Practice these 3 traits and you’ll be surprised at 

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4 Women Men Avoid

The Needy Little Girl

This woman is every man’s worst fear. This type of woman is whiny and frequently verbalizes how desperate she is to get married. What is so frightening about this type of woman is that men can’t often identify her until

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50 Universal Truths About Men

Ladies, here’s the list of what men really think, want and desire in a woman and relationship.
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3 Ways To Get What You Want From A Man

When a guy asks you for a date the first time, he does so because he believes that you are someone he considers fortunate enough to spend an evening with. For whatever reason(s), the woman he invites has conveyed the idea that she is – for lack of a better term –

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What Guys Really Like

With so many advice websites and publications giving so much advice about men, it’s often difficult for a woman to know exactly what guys like. In addition, women have more dating options available to them and yet so many end up wondering why they can’t find anyone! So here are some tips for women on what guys like and what guys think that will hopefully give you a little bit of help in demystifying the opposite sex!

Traits Men Adore

There are plenty of things that guys like in a relationship. Here are some of them:

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Men Dont Expect Perfect

Perfect Is Overrated…I promise. Men don’t need a woman to be flawless to be attracted to her.

After years of listening to women in my private practice, many women seem to think that men expect nothing less than perfection. If you were to visit some popular men’s websites such as; ( or ( you would certainly think that unless a woman is both highly attractive and incredibly accommodating, that men have no interest. This is not really accurate. At least not in the way you might think.

If All Things Were Equal…

I often illustrate this to women by asking this question:

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What Do Men Really Want?


What do men really want? Actually, it’s pretty simple, but most women have the hardest time understanding men. Deep inside the heart of every man is a secret wish to be trusted. How many times have men said to their wives, “If you would just trust me?”

Many men wonder why it seems so difficult for their wives to do something so seemingly simple. The answer stems from the physiological differences between the sexes.

It begins at birth when little boys are given a distinct physical advantage over little girls by having higher levels of testosterone. With testosterone comes the physical strength to defend themselves from danger or run away from a threat.

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Sex: It’s Different For Men

I sell an e-book. In fact, I sell four of them. They’re for women to help educate themselves on what does and doesn’t work in regards to

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When It Comes Relationships: Patterns Don’t Lie

Many men and women know the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result) and in spite of this knowledge, they

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How to Know if a Man is Wonderful

I’m often asked by women how they can tell if a man is good for them. Usually what they want to know is how they can make sure they don’t pick someone who is going to

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