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Dating Questions

As you might imagine in my line of work I have become familiar with many sites that offer dating advice. Most of these sites are transient, temporary and are built with the simple intention of making a buck. Since visitors see no real value added by them, they sputter out into online oblivion. It is not that I have something against the natural capitalist trade of value for money, especially if the equation is leaning towards the value side; but when people or companies put up low quality review or content sites, they are just sites waiting to die.

Having said all of this it is refreshing to see some sites that have the intention of adding value to this space. I am talking here about It is a difficult line to walk between commercial intent and adding value through content, but they are intertwined and I believe this site is doing a good job of balancing one with the other.

The articles I have read on the site go from just plain entertaining in their style and wit, to being actually helpful in answering dating questions or making a hard decision when dating online. Although they do promote some dating offers, they also have purely content based pages; which means to me that they are striving for a good give and take balance.

If you are evaluating using an online dating service and are not sure exactly what to do, then it might do you some good to stroll by and get some good first hand info. The worst thing that can happen is that you will have a good entertaining read. This is one site that I believe will be a valuable place online for some time to come.

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