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Getting Hurt By A Man - Elin Nordegren - Tiger's Ex

I'll admit I haven't read the article, but judging from the cover she seems to be saying all the right things. What I do wonder is how she's keeping herself so "strong."

If she's doing it from sheer will alone, in time that won't last or worse, she'll become bitter. That's what makes it so tough when you're the victim.

You've been hurt. Everyone agrees.
You protect yourself however you can.

Then the weeks and months go by and things "calm down."
If you don't replace those Coping Skills with something new, bitterness or being guarded sets in.
It's not that you want that, it's just once you've been hurt, it becomes harder to risk getting burned again.
At least, until you decide that life is short and you're ready to do whatever it takes to have the relationship you've dreamed of since you were little.
Elin, as hard as it might be to believe right now, I promise you, dreams really can come true.

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