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Hey Guys - Here's A Tip About Women You'll Thank Me For

Most of the time I talk with women. Not because that was my goal when I started out, but because women seem to be more interested in understanding their relationships, self improvement, etc.

Yet, every so often a man would walk into my office...and actually want to come back. What I found with most guys is they aren't as interested in the process of therapy per say, what they really want is a tool that they can use.
It has to be practical, and something that they can being using instantly without having to learn a complex theory.

So with that in mind, if you're a man reading this I'm going to give you a tip that if you can master it, you'll have great success with women. Ready? Here it is...

"When you're in a relationship with a woman, if you're not willing to let her influence you on the things you don't happen to think are important...but are important to her, then you're going to be miserable."

I know, now what you expected (or hoped I'd say) but here me out. The woman you love (or will love) wants to know that she can influence you. When a man shares his power with a woman, she feels important and special.
Here's the part you'll like - when she feels'll really, really like it. I promise.

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