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How Bad Do You Want it?

So you want a relationship to die for. There isn't anything you wouldn't do to have the guy of your dreams come into your life and pursue you until you gave in to be his girl and later his wife. Are you certain you can do what it takes? I mean if what you need is to be more independent and learn about your own insecurities, would you be willing to do that.

Those women who are willing to take complete responsibility for the outcome of their relationships are the ones who get what they want. Blaming others is the primary difference between those who have their man and those stuck on the outside looking in, desperately.

I've written about this in my book and so have John Gray, James Dobson and Dr. Phil. Hey, I had to compare myself with someone so why not pick the big boys. If your finally ready to have the relationship you've always dreamed of, then take action this year. Learn what works with men and what doesn't. Get a book or hire a coach if need be. You don't have to be perfect, just open to the truth about yourself.
Often, what can change a woman's life is something very simple. They just need someone to help them see it.

May this year be your best!

Bob Grant, L.P.C.
"The Relationship Doctor"

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