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Sex with Your Ex?

I was surfing the internet just looking for ideas for my newest ebook, "What's He Thinking?" and for some reason I stumbled upon this title. I am reminded of the women that have told me about this very thing. Some have had sex with their ex-husband. Others with their soon to be ex-husband and then there are women have mentioned that they had sex with their ex-boyfriend, even though they knew he was dating someone else.

Why would they do such a thing? I'll bet you know the answer.

Because it just feels good.

All of them would admit that they weren't being logical and they would confess to being caught up in the moment, but if you dig a little deeper there is often a deeper motivation.
It makes them feel desirable that someone that who once cared about them still finds them attractive. There's only one problem and you know what that is too.
The next day.
That's what I as a therapist get to see most of. Instead of learning the secrets of the woman men adore, they instead choose a night of passion that leaves these women lonely, depressed and feeling hopeless. Is it exciting, you bet! It it worth it?

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