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What Am I Doing Wrong With Men?

I came across this post, what am I doing wrong, and it sounded similar to so many emails I get every week. Doctor Love Coach didn't want to make any guesses without more information and I can appreciate her response. There could be a dozen different things this woman is "doing wrong" and she probably does need more information before making any suggestions.I, however, get this type of email every week, so I'll gladly tell you what I think she might be doing that is contributing to her frustration.

Dear Frustrated Single and 35

1) Stop telling these men about your intentions. You're 35 years old and single. Nearly every man on the planet knows that a single 35 year old woman probably wants to get married and most likely have children.

2) You aren't crazy. A lot of men are afraid of making a mistake by "picking" the wrong woman to be their wife. To overcome this fear you need to learn how to captivate a man by demonstrating value. It must appear to him that he has caught you, not that he needs to "settle down" and get married.

3) If you're having sex with these men, stop. If these men aren't motivated enough to pursue marriage when you're having sex with them, then is there anything else you could offer to persuade them into matrimony? Exactly what bigger gift can you give besides your body??? Stop giving them access to your heart, mind and soul until they commit to you for life. It's a fair trade.

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