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What Do Guys Like

I just got permission from a woman who bought 2 of my ebooks to use her picture on my website.
She doesn't want her name mentioned (so I won't), but the image she sent me of her wedding day is absolutely beautiful.
I still remember the first email she sent me and how nervous she was when she dared to become "The Woman Men Adore." She understood that it isn't always easy, but it is ALWAYS powerful and now she has her man. His heart is hers completely.
From some women I get emails that say, "Oh that won't work," or "I already do that and it get's me nowhere." I'm sorry, but they don't get it.
It works every time with a man.
It doesn't work with a player (someone who only wants a one night stand). It works for a lifetime on a man. It doesn't work on a guy who insists on always getting his way.
It works every time on a man.
It does not work on a man who avoids all conflict.
You see, it not only draws a wonderful man into your life, but it repels those guys that are a waste of time.
It doesn't change a man, it reveals him.
Here's a new site that I found that gives ideas about what guys like.

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