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Why Monogamy Matters

It seems I hear from countless women who tell me, "No one does that anymore." Well, a lot of people don't believe in monogamy and it's getting to the point that a lot more don't even believe in the value of getting married.

It's almost enough to make me wonder if a new trend is developing. Something that want's the benefits of intimacy without the responsibility of a commitment. If only such a thing existed. What many fail to understand is that a passionate and intense relationship doesn't help you much when you're sick and need someone to help you.

How exciting a person is doesn't really make much difference when you have a screaming 2 year old at 2am.

Marriage isn't obsolete. In fact, the best marriage advice I can offer to anyone considering simply dating instead of getting married is simply this: Do you want to be with someone that will leave once they realize their feelings change, or would you rather live with someone who loves you, even when you disappoint them?

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