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Practice Gratitude to Attract the Love You Want

Nov 11, 2018 3:37:03 PM / by Missy Clark posted in relationship advice, relationship gratitude, healthy relationships


By Jenn Michelle

I know we have all heard about how gratitude can help us in our lives. It can often feel easy to overlook this subject because it is something that we are told all the time. Be grateful, focus on what you want, don’t think negative thoughts, etc.

All of this is good information, yet I hope to go a little deeper in terms of the How’s and the Why’s of this amazing practice as it relates to transforming your relationship and attracting the love you want. (This article talks about women attracting men, but this is applicable to any intimate relationship as there will still be a balance of the masculine and feminine energies.)

Whether you are single looking for a relationship, dating and wanting to take it to the next level, or married and disconnected- all of this applies. Your situation, whatever it may be, will start to change as your focus moves towards trust and love and away from lack and fear while having your man truly value you.

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Your Questions - My Answers Cont...

Oct 24, 2018 12:40:20 PM / by Bob Grant, P.L.C.


Here's the video from some more questions I got earlier in the week.

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How to Open Up New Possibilities for Love and Relationships

Aug 11, 2018 2:45:12 PM / by Missy Clark posted in Open Up to Love, Open Your Mindset, relationship advice


by Jen Michelle

The Law of Attraction teaches that love comes to us through our thoughts, feelings, actions, and energy. We attract who we are being, and how we are showing up for ourselves and others each day. So much of the work I do with women is around creating the best possible mindset so that a woman can attract the type of man she deeply desires. Are you ready to open up new possibilities for love and relationships?

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How To Know If A Man Is Wonderful

Aug 1, 2018 4:25:38 PM / by Bob Grant, P.L.C. posted in understanding men-blog


I’m often asked by women how they can tell if a man is good for them. Usually what they want to know is 

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Six Ways to Inspire a Relationship Connection

Jul 27, 2018 6:17:48 PM / by Missy Clark posted in relationship connection, relationship advice, dating advice for women


by  Jen Michelle

If you are a strong, independent, and self-sufficient woman who is used to getting things done, I can relate.  I work with many women who can set professional goals and achieve them as soon as they set their mind to it.  So how does a woman balance what works for her professionally with finding and staying in a loving passionate relationship?

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