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Understanding Men

What Do Men Really Want?

If you asked most women this question, the answers would be predictable.




Women believe that Men Want:

– A woman that always looks perfect

– The woman they can’t get
– Someone who will never complain.

Yes, it’s true that if you asked men what they want, there are many who would agree with those answers above, but here’s a secret so few women know ==> What Men Want and What They Say They Want Are Two Different Things.  In fact, what men say they want in a woman and who they end up marrying are often quite different.

What every man does understand is that he wants a woman that makes him feel good. Since men don’t access their emotions as easily as women, one of the appeals of a woman is her feelings. More specifically, they find a woman who knows how to put her heart first (and ahead of any man) to be captivating. Such a woman understands that in relationships a woman has the ability to make a man feel good simply by being a woman.

When a man has been in the company of a woman that is authentic, he begins to crave the feeling that such a woman arouses in him. The problem isn’t what men want in a woman, it’s how they often choose to go about getting it.

Men Often Confuse Intensity with Intimacy

Men do this because they tend to focus on any activity that produces strong feelings. Sex being the preferred choice.

It isn’t that men in general are selfish, it’s that when they do feel, they feel quickly and intensely. Once the emotional intensity dies down (which it must), they detach and often feel as though something is wrong. What Men Find Captivating is a Woman Who:– Knows what he needs, even though he may not like the process.

– Has the confidence to pace the relationship when he wants to go too fast. She knows that men need to be paced.
– When he pulls away emotionally, she never chases him but allows him his space.

– To his surprise, when he is ready to resume a conversation, he is surprised to hear her say these powerful words; “I am still upset with you for not speaking to me for so long.” Men Want Some One Expensive. What all of these responses have in common is that they convey value to a man. She knows she’s expensive regardless of how he acts. Such a woman makes a man want to cherish and protect her, as with anything of value.